• Dura Lex
    Is it Scarborough Shoal all over again?
    Chinese maritime activities within Philippine territory was again put to a spotlight because several Chinese vessels were spotted in the Benham Rise. The Benham Rise is a resource-rich underwater plateau located east of the...
  • Stranger Than Jurisprudence
    “Constitutional” Dictatorship, Anyone?
    In an interview with Karen Davila last 15 September 2016, Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo reiterated his view that the President should be granted additional constitutional powers; powers which are not necessarily executive in...
  • Pro Hac Vice
    Nuisance = New Ones
    With the 2016 elections coming up in a few months, names of well-known politicians are constant elements in written articles and news channels. The likes of current President candidates Grace Poe, Mar Roxas, Jejomar...
  • Tinted Glasses
    Choose to care
    “Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring – all of which have the potential to...
  • Inter Alia
    Remembrance of things past
    IN A perfect society, everyone reads history books. Everyone listens to stories told by their elders – stories of dank jail cells, of waiting for loved ones who would never come home, of paying...
  • Pieces
    Apathy, ALS, and Elections 2016
    “The problem is not the dumb voters who keep electing dumb politicians. The problem is the smart people who can’t help dumb people from being dumb. Why blame dumb people for being dumb? They...
  • Gana Do It All
    Due to the intense demands of the daily grind, it’s no wonder that law students find it difficult to live a life outside the four walls of the classroom. Whether you’re a freshman struggling...
  • La Vida Lawca
    Bayan o Sarili?

  • The sins of the father and the sins of the son
    Does this sound familiar? Offspring of notorious and disgraced former leaders running for the highest (or second highest) position in the land and topping the polls, all because of ignorance and forgetfulness of a...
  • Look Who's Talking
    Forgive and forget?
    What is the true Marcos legacy?